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Are You A Blogger?!

Hey guys, so two of my friends, Schell and Chachi, and I are starting a twitter page called Black Bloggers 101. It is going to focus on African-American people who want to either start blogging or ones who are already bloggers and want a bigger platform.

Schell, admin 2. Is 23 freshly graduated from college. She studied kinesiology and psychology. Schell runs a blog called 50ShadesOfHumanity. It's a health blog, but she plans on expanding past mental and basic physical health. I am going to start on fitness, diet, hair health, skin care, healthy relationships, working in healthcare, and sexual health. It's educational, gives self-help tips, & features a variety of personal stories of people she knows and how serious health issues are.

Chachi, admin 3, is a new friend I met on twitter who was on board with the idea as well. She is a Psychology Major who hopes to become a Child/Adolescent Psychologist for Black children. She will be writing posts about mental health, self-care, self-love and general college and lifestyle topics. her blog titled "Cosmic Sanctuary", basically she wants her blog to be a safe place for anyone who needs it and become a voice for the voiceless.

Then there's me, Kyy, admin 1. I run Apprehensive. Where I talk about numerous of topics from mental health, relationship advice, self-love, etc.

Together the three of us are going to help others out there to be the best black blogger that they can be! Schell is also going to make a blog if the twitter page goes big enough and if enough bloggers want to showcase their work on the page. So if you or anyone you know are interested in having their blog on the page please isDM any of the three of us on Twitter!

My twitter is: @KYYllinEM Schell's twitter: ‪@merrrrppp ‬ ‪Chachi's twitter: @brooklynlabreyy ‬

We are here to help and uplift others so please NO negativity or you will get blocked!!!

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