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Reflection of 2017

I have actually started my New Year Resolution already before 2018 has even come about. These past two weeks have been amazing to me. I actually have let go and let God work within me. I felt a weight being lifted off me when I wrote about my miscarriage earlier this month. Then when I wrote about toxic relationships, even more, burdens were lifted off of my shoulders.

When I say I am happy in the skin that I am in, I mean I am actually enjoying life the way that it happens. Not everything works out as planned. So, why not just go with the flow and let whatever wants to happen, happen? I use to be so scared to get my emotions and feelings involved and still am but the way I talk about certain things to certain to people I can not help but smile so huge.

Honestly living hasn't been so bad now. I haven't had an anxiety attack since finals weeks and waiting for my grades to get posted. At the end of this year, I can look back and realize all the growth and setbacks that I have overcome. I use to call this year the worst year of my life. Really, it was the best year of my life. I was able to see 21, seek the help and guidance that I needed for my own health, start blogging, go through pain and be able to express it, and to actually be here today on December 31, 2017, to tell y'all that WE MADE IT!! Regardless of what 2017 has brought to us, we conquered it! We made it through and 2018 is going to be bigger and better for us too!

I have faith in everything that I do and will do. I may not succeed in everything I set my mind to but knowing that I am giving my all and doing it all for myself, then I have no doubt about it.

When I say that NOBODY can take what I have gained over this past year. Walking into 2018, I will not allow others say that the way I express myself isn't the "correct" way because society doesn't see it fit. The way I feel and how I show my emotions is how I express myself, and honestly if you cannot respect that or deal with that then there's no need for you to be here for me. All I ask for in 2018 is to treat me well. I just want to have fun and travel around the world. If I can get those to happen, then 2018 will not owe me anything at all.

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