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10 Years From Now ....

10 years from now I would like to be married and having my second child. Also, I hope my non-profit organization will be in at least 4 states. I would also hope that I am living in London starting my fashion career with my husband and children.

So if none of that happens.... I hope I am an officer in the Air Force. Traveling, bringing awareness about bullying and uplifting kids spirits and bring their confidence and self-esteem up! Public speaking isn't my thing but if that what I am destined to do then I'll talk my little heart out!!

My goals aren't huge but they big enough for me! I just want to make my parents proud and have my kids proud to look up to me!

**also, i better be a life-member of my sorority so i can hit them girls with the two taps they be hitting me with at the meetings lol!**

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