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A Life Lesson I've Learned

So homecoming was this past weekend and that made me realized that I have come far in my life. If you have known me in the past then you know that I have a very bad temper and I am always ready to fight and pop off. Well, something has changed and I grew up. I learned that every action doesn't need a reaction. Granted I knew that already but if I felt disrespected then I would always say something about it. Saturday, I got hit by two bottles AND hit in my face. Normally, I would've stopped what I was doing and would've cursed someone out and would've been trying to fight! But I didn't do it. I became the bigger person and walked away. Now getting hit in my face I was mad about that but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. We were strolling and it was a tight space, BUT we don't like each other. That's the problem but I let it go.

Basically, this is a big lesson that I have learned because it took me twenty-one years to stop getting upset and always trying to fight. I understand that now though, because before you couldn't tell me that I could fight whoever because I felt disrespected! But now you can and I would just walk away like nothing happened. This is a big thing for me because I never thought I would have seen the day that I wouldn't want to fight and be able to walk away.

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