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30 Days of Love and Fun

Soooo, this past Saturday was my man's birthday, and I did a lot of different things for him. I couldn't do as much as I wanted due to life hitting us fast. The things that I did do it was all worth it.

For his birthday I did the 5 Senses gift, which is the 5 senses. For taste, I made him his favorite cookies (oatmeal raisin, yes I know that's nasty but hey lol) and I made him a strawberry cheesecake. For smell, I made him beard oil. My man wants a beard so I found a way how to get his to grow fuller! For touch, I went to Build-A-Bear and made him a bear and in the bear, I put my voice in it. For sound, I made a video for him. (that video killed me though because I couldn't get it to burn to a DVD!) For sight, I made him a homemade card and inside the card, it explained my feelings and how to go about his next gifts that he was getting.

Overall, he loved everything that I got/made for him. I even forgot to give him two other things for that but I will just save that for another time. Now I am working on China's Addition to my Open Letters for him before he leaves in two weeks.

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